Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wellness Week

Well, Wellness Week has come and gone! This event has made its way as a tradition at T.A. Blakelock High School. It is a time to bring awareness to some of the most important issues in students life. Health! Wellness! The week was packed with guest speakers, workshops and community involvement. Our staff and students had the opportunity to attend a variety of workshops-everything from sexual health, healthy eating, oral health and Cancer survivors. To start the week, students and staff were greeted at the front door with fresh fruits, staff was given a free t-shirt. Get Informed! Get Active!

Students were given many opportunities to earn community service hours as well as participating in a worthwhile cause-Canadian Cancer Society Blitz Night. Student canvassed around the school neighbourhood, collect on behave of the Canadian Cancer Society. In just over an hour, student raised over $1300.00 Pretty impressive

The week ended with, in my mind, the best event that showed what Blakelock is truly about. I have never seen such school spirit, energy, excitement and passion as I saw on Friday for the Inside Ride Event put on my Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation. It brought our school together. Students of all grades participated. Staff from various departments. The music was great, the MC was fun and kept the energy up from start to finish. The students were well-behaved and focused. When it was all said and done, Blakelock raised over $17,000.00 YEAH BLAKELOCK!

All and all, a great end to a great week. Looking forward to Wellness Week, next year!

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